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Fidelitas launches latest energy bond with Aussie entrepreneur.


Fidelitas has advised on (and co-ordinated) the launch of the latest green retail bond from renewable energy specialist CBD Energy.


EnergyBonds offers investors a fixed interest return of 7.5% per annum on their investment as well as the opportunity to make a socially responsible investment in UK clean energy projects.


There is real opportunity - and demand - in the UK for solar and wind projects.  Our electricity supply faces an unprecedented challenge, with around a fifth of existing traditional fossil-fuel generation capacity expected to close over the next decade and over £100 billion of investment needed by 2020 as the UK looks to secure low-carbon energy supplies.


As the need to move both residential and commercial electricity consumers away from their reliance on Brown Energy to cleaner, renewable energy sources becomes ever more urgent, so does the need to build more clean energy generating assets.


The proceeds of up to £7.5 million from the EnergyBonds will be used to build much needed UK solar and wind generation assets.


EnergyBonds are being issued by Energy Bonds plc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBD Energy Limited, an Australian Stock Exchange listed company and global renewable energy business with a long track record of developing green energy assets worldwide.


Visit energybonds.co.uk for more information on the bonds and CBD Energy.


For further information on our retail bond advisory service (which offers a complete one stop shop approach to launching a retail bond) please email enquiry@fidelitascapital.co.uk or call us on 020 8253 0128.

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